Can you see yourself in these old pics of classroom visitors?

Here’s the climatic final scene from a Just So story Rudyard Kipling never got round to writing. Katy the kinkajou – that’s a honey bear, apparently – is enjoying a nice sit down on the shoulder of Damien Arnett. Suddenly, Mr Guinness the toucan appears, lunges forward and grabs hold of her, giving her bum a sharp, bad-tempered tug with his beak. And that’s how the kinkajou got its tail. But how did this happen at a school on the Saff, of all places. Well the two exotic beasties belonged to a chap called Roger Pearson who used to pay an annual visit to Marriott Junior School bringing along critters from his home-cum-menagerie in Wolverhampton, which he shared with 257 different types of animal. The kids loved it. Though it would be understandable if Roger’s neighbours weren’t quite so keen

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