Game & Entertainment Centers in Leicester

Whether you're from Leicestershire or further afield, there's plenty of things going on in the area that you won't have done before. No matter how big or small you want to go, Game & Entertainment Centers in Leicester can offer you to escape reality with games played in real life.
You and your team have just 60 minutes to escape one of our uber-real rooms.


Meticulous Leicester

We are proud to have produced display work and feature windows for some of the best known and most exclusive retailers in the world including Harrods, Gucci, Fortnum & Mason and Hamleys to name but a few. Our extensive expertise includes themed rides, Interactive museum exhibits through to animation, window / retail display and show stage sets.

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Paintballing SAS 22

Paintballing SAS 22 Leicester

Paintballing SAS 22’s exceptional paintballing site is what sets us apart from our competitors. From the moment you arrive, our experienced team are on hand to make sure your day goes smoothly. For a fantastic day out, Paintballing SAS 22 is the place to be!

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Delta Force Leicester Paintball

Delta Force Leicester Paintball

The brand new Leicester Paintball Centre features a selection of themed game zones that will have you and your comrades ducking and diving in search of victory as you take on Viet Cong Village.

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Escape Reality

Escape Reality Leicester

Assemble your team of between two to six players and choose your mind-stimulating experience. You could find yourselves embroiled in an intense bank heist mission in Bank Job, or attempting an unlawful prison escape in Alcatraz.

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Clue HQ

Clue HQ Leicester

Clue HQ is a Live Escape Game. Small groups are locked in a room and given 60 minutes to solve puzzles and follow clues in order to escape.

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Escape Asylum

Escape Asylum Leicester

Leicester's first live escape game! ASYLUM: You have been caught trespassing on an abandoned asylum and the spirit of Evelyn has trapped you in.

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