The Shed Reveals Newly Renovated Downstairs Bar


The Shed Reveals Newly Renovated Downstairs Bar, The Vault: A Cosy, Inviting Space with a Touch of Retro Gaming Charm

The Shed, Leicester’s iconic grassroots music venue is proud to announce the grand reopening of their newly renovated downstairs bar, The Vault. With its city centre location and the transformation into a chill bar with retro games, beer pong and sofas, The Vault is poised to become the go-to spot for relaxing, socialising, and enjoying a variety of entertainment options.

Following extensive renovations, The Vault will officially open its doors this weekend, inviting patrons to experience its unique atmosphere. Boasting lo-fi tunes, comfortable sofas, a PlayStation 2 and a Nintendo GameCube, as well as beer pong, The Vault offers a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for both co-working during the day and unwinding with friends in the evening.

Not only will The Vault provide an inviting space to connect and relax, but it will also feature an extended drinks’ menu. With a wide variety of beverages to choose from, including a new range of cocktails, there’s something to please everyone’s palate.

In addition to its cosy ambiance and expanded drink options, The Vault is proud to be a dog-friendly establishment. The Shed’s owner, Tom Carnell, is excited to welcome canine companions into the space, and you may even catch a glimpse of his own adorable puppy (Effy, the Sprocker Spaniel) from time to time.

The Shed, located in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter and a staple of the city’s music scene, has long been a hub for live entertainment and incredible ‘Ambush’ club nights. With the unveiling of The Vault, the venue continues to evolve and cater to the diverse interests of its patrons.

Owner, Tom Carnell, has a great amount of pride for this launch. He says, “The Shed has always been a community, or even a family. We have been blessed with never-ending support from our customers, regulars and friends. Their loyalty and community-spirit has been tested and proven throughout all the difficult times – of which there have been many these past few years.

“To show my appreciation and commitment to our patrons, I decided to fund this refurbishing out of my own pocket. This investment will help ensure The Shed remains a thriving spot for, not only the customers who will use the new bar but also, all of our gigs, ‘Ambush’ nights, ‘Drinks and Jams’ Mondays, ‘Alternativ Karaoke’ Fridays, and more.

“We know our clientele almost as well as we know ourselves. We’ve put them at the forefront of our renovation plans, and we are so proud to be launching this new space, something we believe our customers have been missing from their social lives. It is a privilege to have such an inspiring customer-base and the opportunity to present this, quite frankly, awesome new bar.”

Don’t miss the grand reopening of The Vault this weekend at The Shed! The team have been sharing TikToks following the progress of the renovation, so if people are interested in exactly what has been going on, it’s highly advised to go and check them out. For more information on upcoming events and promotions, follow The Shed on social media:






Come and experience The Vault – a brand-new distinctive bar offering a fantastic selection of drinks, a welcoming atmosphere, and the added flair of retro gaming for an unforgettable experience.